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Relatives, Relationships and other Related Uses

I know you’ve figured this out already – collecting art is fun and relatively easy assuming you have a passion for what you are collecting, have the wall space to hang the art,  and the means to buy it. But when it comes time to planning for the disposition of that...

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Value versus Valuation: What’s it Worth to you?

Appraisers assign a value to a work of art by looking at multiple factors: comparable art, condition of the piece, size, rarity, genre, medium, and provenance to name a few. Their goal is to arrive at a valuation that supports the price an art work will realize if it...

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From the French verb “provenir”; The Origin of your Art

"The Red Violin" is a 1998 Canadian film that relays the fictional history of a mysterious red colored violin crafted in Italy in 1681. The story of the violin spans over four centuries, five countries and multiple owners.  It ultimately makes its way to an auction...

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Speaking of Capital Gains – its more than you think

Here's a conversation to have with your CPA after 2016 taxes are put to bed and she has come back from well-needed R&R.    The topic is long term capital gains on the sale of art that you've held for one year or more.  Did you know that art and collectibles are...

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The Truce

One of the pleasures of the holiday season is having the time to revisit family customs and traditions.  One of my favorites is going through old photo albums page by page. Celebrations are recorded in black and white and color, and old familiar faces smile back in...

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Can We Talk?

I used to love Joan River's signature line, "Can We Talk".  You never knew what would be the topic du jour, but you always knew that it would be fun, bold and a bit over the top.  Talking about art succession won't necessarily be "over the top", but it is a topic of...

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